Legends of the Rocking N Ranch

The Rocking N Ranch has had many Race ROMs grace our pastures and this page is dedicated to those legendary animals that have contributed mightly to the competitve, beautifully confirmed, and wonderful animals we offer.

 Doc's Mega Bueno "Mighty Phatt Jack"

Mighty Phatt Jack thrilled tens of people during his racing career and was often clocked through the barrels with a calendar.  Capable of running 4D times with a rocket rammed up his rear Mighty Phatt Jack carried a lot of weight within racing circles.  His career ended with a corornary chasing a donut truck down state highway 80.  We miss the donut truck dearly.

Mighty Phatt Jack's Pedigree - he was the equal of any 3 horses (in weight anyway...) 

Big Fat Farm - Sire Fat Jack 3 Ton Jack 2 Ton JackAss
That's a Plenty
Fat and Stoopid Stoopid
Farm Cornfed Cornfed Fred Fred the Mule
Cornfed GoodForNothing
Farm Implment Farm Rject
Doc's Misery - Dam Mystery Meat Pile of Meat Meatless Tuesdays
Fedora the Cow
Mystery Mule Francis the Mule
Misery Misty Misery My Misery
Pasture Inhaler
Grub Grub Worm
Conan the Pig

Mighty Phatt Jack was then bred to that famous Galapagos racing legend Iguana JumpJet to beget our next supremo Race ROM:

 Jack's SuperSonic "Lightning Bug"


This is our Turtle trainer Dakota out of Gina Monk. If you need any rabbits, armadillos, goats, or turtles broke to ride, see them.  Horses maybe not so much.  Dakota had Lightning Bug broke to halter in only 6 weeks.

Lighting Bug was a bit skittish when first put under saddle, but as you can see with his expert trainer, he was soon halter broke, green broke, and with his race times, we went flat broke.  However with his stunning color, smooth skin, flowing mane, and big beautiful eyes, we knew he had what it took to sire some fantastic colts.  We entered him in a number of rodeo events to keep Lightning Bug in the public eye as a cinder.  He currently provides an invaluable service at the ranch as a hitching post.  Please inquire as to his rather reasonable stud fees.

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